Rainey Center

The Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy commends and celebrates the research that was jointly conducted by Stanford University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University and the University of California, Berkeley, which resulted in significant increase in vaccinations.

Researchers created an ad that aired across more than 100,000 YouTube channels, featuring former President Trump telling his supporters to get vaccinated during a news interview as well as his and former First Lady Melania Trump’s vaccination status. Ultimately, the 1,000 low-vaccinated counties where this ad aired had an average of 103 more recorded vaccinations versus counties with similarly low vaccination rates where the ad did not air. Ultimately, there was an uptick of 104,036 vaccinations overall. The findings were recently published as a working paper of the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy proudly collaborated with researchers of this study and Rainey Center President and CEO released the following statement in response to its findings:

“We at the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy believe that for public policy research to be effective, it must have a real-world impact. This study encapsulates our beliefs and we are proud to support the advancement of public health during these unprecedented times.”

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