Rainey Center

Washington, D.C. (September 2, 2021) – Today, the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy is pleased to announce its new current events Podcast series, Policy for the People. A first for the Rainey Center, this program will cover policy discussions with changemakers and experts on the nation's most pressing issues of the day including energy and climate change policy, technology and innovation, inclusive governance and national security.  

Beginning this week, Rainey Center leaders including Sarah E. Hunt, Rainey Center CEO and President and Bartlett Cleland, Senior Fellow for Innovation and Technology, will invite audiences to engage with the organization's diverse community of policy and leadership experts through real-time conversations and policy perspectives on Spotify's Anchor Network.

"The Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy is excited to bring "Policy for the People" to life," noted Rainey Center CEO & President Sarah E. Hunt. "At the Rainey Center, our mission to foster inclusive dialogue to address our nation's most pressing challenges is paramount. This new media format is a perfect opportunity to amplify the voices of women, minorities and mavericks as we work to work across the political divide - and we're just getting started."

The podcast’s inaugural episode “The Right to Protest” is live and can be found on all podcast platforms and features a policy conversation between David Voorman, Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Prosperity; Nick Robinson, Senior Legal Scholar at the International Center for Nonprofit Law and Bartlett Cleland as they explore the nation’s protest laws and measures states are taking in the wake of the 2020 protests. 

“Even as a long-time policy wonk, I am learning as much about these topics as the audience,” said Bartlett Cleland. “These conversations are chalk-full of ideas, creative solutions and expert perspectives that elected officials can take back to their communities. You actually walk away with actionable intelligence.”

Additional episodes featuring experts such as award-winning author, Dr. Monica Sharma, and former U.S. Department of Energy Deputy Assistant Secretary Alex Fitzsimmons, among others, are scheduled to air on a bi-weekly basis.  Rainey Center Policy for the People Podcasts are available here.

The Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy is a501 (c)3 public policy research organization and leadership community founded on the values of equality, freedom, and a more perfect union. Named for Congressman Joseph Rainey, who was born enslaved and became the first Black American to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, the Rainey Center fosters dialogue on actionable solutions to America’s challenges as well as empowers women, minorities, and mavericks in public policymaking.