Kelsey Callahan

At Rainey Center, we love LAMP.

We love our LAMP-ers even more. This month we are turning the spotlight on some of our most distinguished LAMP members.

The Leadership Alliance for a More Perfect Union (LAMP) is our flagship leadership development program, built to engage state leaders from across the ideological spectrum, seek mutual understanding, and pursue actionable solutions to America’s greatest policy challenges.

A core component of the LAMP mission is to foster dialogue centered on complex policy issues for right-of-center elected officials while simultaneously empowering women, minorities, and mavericks in public policymaking. LAMP provides policymakers with unparalleled access to tools, information, and a community that is dedicated to increasing their effectiveness and strengthening their leadership skills.

LAMP emphasizes interactive collaboration for policy education, leadership development and networking for state policymakers. Typically organized around dedicated policy themes such as energy innovation, infrastructure investment and environmental and economic stewardship, LAMP forums have engaged policymakers from Alaska to Florida on these important issues.

Check out to learn more, as we use August to highlight our LAMP-ers.