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Policy Brief: Ensuring Candidate Safety: Examining the Need for Legislation to Protect Elected Officials and Campaign Workers

Recently, discussions about election issues have focused on topics such as electoral fairness, security, and accountability of elected officials. However, a crucial aspect that is often overlooked is the physical safety of candidates, elected officials, and the campaign workers who support them.


Free Speech on the Ballot: The Case for Fusion

In the 19th century and continuing well into the 20th, the United States saw a proliferation of political parties, many operating within a single state or region, and often achieving a substantial degree of electoral success. The most successful of these coalesced to form what is now the Republican Party.


The Role of Markets in Creating Economic Opportunity for Black Americans

Investing is fundamental to wealth building as every person is limited in the number of hours they have in a day. Without having income derived from investments it becomes increasingly difficult to move up income classes, retire, or build any wealth. Increasing market access for the Black population is vital to any plan for improvement in economic standings.


Five Principles for Faster Vote Counts

Regardless of other variations in state election procedures, every state can adopt best practices to ensure a reasonably quick, accurate, and confidence-inspiring vote count. We know it can be done, because many states already do it.


The Role of Real Estate in Economic Opportunity for the African American Population

For the majority of Americans, their most valuable asset is their primary residence. But Black Americans have historically been at a disadvantage, given restrictions on land inheritance, redlining, and discrimination in lending practices. Overcoming these historical disadvantages and applying lessons from modern successes to a broader audience is challenging but necessary