We're working towards a more inclusive America where public policy is for all people
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As a community of independently-minded policy leaders of today and tomorrow, we're building consensus where it may seem impossible and daring to forge actionable solutions.

The next chapter in American history will be a pivotal moment where the importance of finding common ground and fostering the productive dialogue needed to move the country forward especially in the areas of energy and national security cannot be overstated. Rainey Center looks forward to continuing to create opportunities for productive dialogue to take place.
Together we can create a more perfect union.
Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy is a 501(c)(3) public policy research organization and leadership community founded on the values of equality, freedom, and a more perfect union. Named for Congressman Joseph Rainey - borne enslaved and the first Black American to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives - Rainey Center fosters dialogue on actionable solutions to American's challenges while amplifying the voices of women, minorities, and mavericks in public policymaking.

Rainey Center's research and leadership development programs foster dialogue that generates recommendations to address our nation's most pressing public policy issues. Our work supports today's leaders while preparing the next generation of leaders to work across political divides and towards a brighter future that reflects the diversity of the American people.

We invite individuals across the ideological spectrum to join us in seeking mutual understanding and pursuing actionable solutions to America's greatest policy challenges.
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Our strategy is to ensure that everyone's voice is heard to foster unique perspectives that change the conversation.
We don't accept the status quo. We take risks. We're pulling up our seats at policymaking tables to create long-lasting impact on America's most pressing issues.
Clean energy policies with economic and environmental sustainability in mind
Free Elections
Advancing democratic values through peaceful pluralism and respect for diversity.
Guidance for managing all aspects of healthcare to improve access, delivery and coverage.
Embracing the disruption of future industries through transformative ideas.
National Security
Policies to help keep our nation safe, prosperous and unified as one people.

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The Hill - Opinion - For a cleaner energy future, we must embrace small nuclear reactors
July 23, 2023
The U.S. Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory has announced NuScale Power’s first small modular nuclear plant is scheduled to begin operating in 2029 at Idaho Falls.
Mexico Today - Opinion - Mexico is now the U.S.' top trading partner instead of China - This is worth celebrating
July 28, 2023
This year, in a major shift of global trade flows, Mexico has become the top trading partner of the United States, dethroning China which can no longer lay claim to that title. While a variety of factors have come into play with this result, ultimately this is good news for both Mexico and the United States.
The Digital Silk Road or the U.S. Information Superhighway?
August 22, 2023
China has garnered much attention given its position as a major economic competitor to the United States, and specifically as a competitor in telecommunications, technology and innovation. The national security implications for the use of Chinese technology have also caught the attention of policy-makers, for over a decade.
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The Role of Markets in Creating Economic Opportunity for Black Americans
May 18, 2023
Investing is fundamental to wealth building as every person is limited in the number of hours they have in a day. Without having income derived from investments it becomes increasingly difficult to move up income classes, retire, or build any wealth. Increasing market access for the Black population is vital to any plan for improvement in economic standings.
Five Principles for Faster Vote Counts
May 12, 2023
Regardless of other variations in state election procedures, every state can adopt best practices to ensure a reasonably quick, accurate, and confidence-inspiring vote count. We know it can be done, because many states already do it.
The Rainey Center on China
March 2, 2023
The Rainey Center has produced compelling analysis and commentary on a variety of policy issues, including on the shifting geopolitical winds as a result of the rise of China. The following is a compendium of such analysis and commentary from some of the Rainey Center’s many policy experts, offering their perspectives on recent events as they pertain to China.
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