Andy Craig

Director, Election Policy

Andy Craig is director of election policy at the Rainey Center and an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute. His work is focused on election law, electoral reform, and political incentives, with the goal of reducing polarization and improving representative government. His analysis and recommendations have been cited by members of both parties on the floor of the House of Representatives and in the Senate Rules Committee, in addition to working with state legislators across the country to craft electoral reform proposals and adopt best practices for election administration. His commentary has appeared in outlets including the Washington Post, Fox News, The Nation, and Politico, and he writes regularly for The Daily Beast and The UnPopulist.

Andy previously worked as staff writer for the Cato Institute, and before that as a campaign staffer and consultant, including for Gov. Gary Johnson's 2016 presidential campaign. He grew up in White Hall, Arkansas and studied political science at Hendrix College. He and his husband, Brian, currently live in Maryland.