Rina Shah

CEO, Rilax Strategies

With over 12 years of experience in geopolitical risk, political consulting, public affairs, and strategic communications, Rina Shah is a passionate and visionary leader who helps clients navigate the complex and dynamic global landscape. As the CEO of Rilax Strategies, she leads a team of experts who offer innovative and tailored solutions to address the challenges and opportunities that arise from political, economic, social, and technological changes. She believes in the power of collaboration, diversity, and creativity to deliver value and impact for our clients and partners across various sectors and regions. In addition to running Rilax Strategies, she is also a sought-after media commentator and analyst who shares my insights and perspectives on current affairs, politics, and geopolitics on multiple platforms. She has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, BBC, CGTN, NewsNation, Al Jazeera, and PBS, among others. She leverages her extensive network, knowledge, and experience to provide informed and engaging commentary on a range of topics, from domestic and international issues, to leadership and culture. She also serves as an advisory board member for Renew Democracy Initiative, a nonpartisan organization that promotes democratic values and principles.