Veronika Velch

Senior Fellow, National Security & Innovation and Technology

Veronika Velch is an Advocacy Director at The Office of Juleanna Glover. She is communications expert with extensive experience in international human rights work and political campaigns. Born in Ukraine, where she earned a PhD in International Relations, Veronika has broad knowledge of Ukrainian and Russian politics. At The Office of Juleanna Glover, she focuses on tech clients, national security and privacy issues and directs the company's human rights work.

Before she moved to the U.S., Veronika led communications efforts for an organization created to advance fair election practices in Ukraine. She is co-founder of a Ukrainian national initiative, “Follow the Money,” that advocates for political finance reform.

Veronika has a Masters Degree in Advocacy in the Global Environment from The George Washington University and is the recipient of the Mark and Debbie Kennedy Frontiers of Freedom Award for international human rights advocacy. She is fluent in Ukrainian and Russian.